Office Procedures

Important Office/School Rules

Every "Successful Bobcat"

and their Parents Need To Know




May not be used for texting, calling, internet, camera, time keeping or any other purpose.  They may not be seen, used or heard from the moment a student enters campus in the morning until the bell rings at the end of the school day.  After school, students are welcome to use their phones outside of the classrooms or office.



For the safety of all students, it is imperative that all health/medically related issues be reported immediately and directly to the Health Office.  Please DO NOT use your cell phone to call between parent and student.  When this occurs, school personnel have no knowledge of the child's illness or potential emergency and are therefore unable to assist the student. Using your cell phone during the school day violates school rules.  Ill/injured students may call from the office phone.



No student may leave the campus at any time without signed and approved permission from the Attendance Office.  For student safety (and per District regulations), students will only be released to those people who are named on their emergency card (and are 18 years or older).  We cannot accept phone calls, emails, or faxed notes for the release of a student to someone that is NOT listed on the emergency card.  For their safety, students who are ill will not be released to walk home during the school day.



If a student is to be dismissed early, the office should be notified by parent note, stating who will pick up the student and at what time. Students are to report to the attendance window prior to first period to receive an early dismissal pass.  This is to ensure teachers are notified and to avoid class interruptions.  An adult will be required to come to the attendance office to sign the student out.  Students are not released to minors or individuals who are not listed on the emergency card.  We can not accept phone calls, emails, faxed or handwritten notes for the release of a student to someone that is not listed on the emergency card. A parent or guardian must come into the office to make changes or additions to the emergency card release information.



  • Lunches - Students are responsible for bringing lunch. School lunch is provided free for every student. Students may choose to bring additional money to buy food at the cafeteria. 

  • Homework: - will be placed in the teacher's mailbox.  Students will NOT be called to the office to pick up forgotten assignments.  If a project needs to be dropped off for a student, please make prior arrangements for your student to pick it up in the office as we will NOT call a student out of class to pick it up.

  • P.E. Clothes - can NOT be dropped off in the office for students to pick up.  If PE clothes are forgotten, clean loaner clothes are available from the PE teacher.



Instruments/equipment may NOT be dropped off in the office.  Part of being a participant in the music and color guard program is accepting responsibility for equipment and remembering to bring it to school as needed.