Elective Course Selection 2023-24 » Elective Course Selection 2023-24

Elective Course Selection 2023-24

   Welcome to your 2023-24 school year Elective Course Selection.  You will be selecting your electives using the instructions below.  Please watch the grade level video below then complete the Grade Level Google Form.  
Please Use Student Accounts (Aeries and Google) to complete the process.
The portal to enter your choices opens on March 30th and will close on April 16th.
Step 1-  Watch Grade Level Video and MS Online Request Video (by grade level)
6th Grade Videos
7th and 8th Grade Videos
Step 2-  Complete Grade Level Form
Step 3-  Complete the Application if applying for Leadership Class
(ASB, WEB, BCTV, Yearbook, AVID)
Advanced Art Application (7th and 8th Only)
8th Graders who would like to be a Teachers Aide or Office Aide see Mrs. Mavritsakis at the attendance window for a form
Applications are due April 14, 2023