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A Historical activity during these historic times:
One of the things that we do as historians is analyze primary sources for significant historical events. You are living through just such an event. 
I would strongly encourage you to keep a record of the your experiences, however mundane they may seem to you.  This will be something that you discuss with your future generations and others as the decades pass.  We've spoken in class before about how each generation has events that define them, and its easy as the years pass to mis-remember things.  So much of the information we know about past events comes from these kinds of Primary Sources...Who knows what insight you may end up providing.
There is no need to write something every day (although if you choose to by all means!) but try to write a paragraph or so each week. Maybe include what has transpired Nationally, locally and personally.  Research shows that Journaling about both the facts and emotion of an event can have benefits for those doing the journaling*.
Again, this is not a requirement, but something I would encourage you to participate in.  Who knows, soon students may be citing you in their DBQs!  
-- Mr. Kelly
* Ullrich, Philip, and Susan Lutgendorf. "Journaling about stressful events: Effects of cognitive processing and emotional expression." Annals of Behavioral Medicine 24.3 (2008): 244-250.
Week of 4/27
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