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Parent / Student Handbook 2022-23

Dear Parents and Students:

Welcome to Yorba Linda Middle School.  Your school is a place of academic excellence and a place where students are highly valued as responsible citizens in our community.  As we look forward to this new school year, we will share the information you will need to be successful with you.  Let us begin by introducing you to our office staff and our vision/mission statement.

The handbook has been updated!  Please take time to review the handbook.

During the first weeks of school, your teachers, counselor, and administrators will be sharing all of the information you will need to ensure success in your middle school experience.  Your teachers will begin this process by reviewing specially prepared pages in this year's "Agenda." These pages will guide you and teach you skills every student needs to do their personal best. Next, Mrs. Weirich, your Counselor, will talk with you about grading and honor roll.  Your Assistant Principal will discuss pertinent issues in this handbook. Throughout this instruction, you and your parents will be asked to talk together and sign and return some of the papers you discuss.

Know that it is our goal for you to have a year in which you achieve your personal best academically, learn, grow and mature as citizens in our community while enjoying your friends and school activities.

 We wish you great success at YLMS!

Mr. Greg Kemp
Empowering Youth for Future Success

We envision our school as a place where we:

  • Learn in a collaborative and supportive environment
  • Strive for continuous academic improvement
  • Participate in engaging, active, and challenging learning
  • Develop integrity and good character