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About Mr. Steichen

Mr. Steichen is in his 25th year at YLMS. He received his Bachelors and Teaching Credential at Cal. State University Fullerton and his Masters at Azusa Pacific University.


He served on the National Ski Patrol in Big Bear for 7 years and was top of his Emergency Medical Technician class.  This knowledge and practice helps Mr. Steichen with his work on the YLMS safety team, as they strive to keep our campus safe year round.  


Mr. Steichen has been officiating high school and college athletics for 30 years. Sportsmanship and Respect are a couple of his guiding principles for his officiating and teaching.  "How we carry ourselves and treat others is the foundation of our character."  


His faith and family provides motivation and support so he can work hard and invest the time necessary to help improve the quality of life for his students.  



Welcome Bobcats

I am so excited to begin this 2020 Covid-19 school year.  I'm learning so much with technology and am growing my skills as a teacher.  I look forward to working with you to meet your fitness goals and grow your knowledge too. 
Things are different than if we were at YLMS, but we will improvise, adapt and overcome.  That's what my friend and  former Marine Ms. Taylor would tell me.  Yes, that's a shout out to Ms. T since she retired last year.  Oorah
I'll see you on Zoom and will communicate mostly with Google Classroom.