Mr. Steve Steichen » The Mile Mental Game

The Mile Mental Game

  • Run at a pace you can maintain for the entire mile. Try to run slightly faster on the final 1/8 mile which is the final turn.
  • slow jog is 2X faster than a walk.  Minimize any walking. 
  • Milestones – Calculate pace
    • The big tree (1/8 mile);
    • Before the playground(1/4 mile mark)
    • The middle pole (1/2 mile);
    • Big trees –final turn(last 1/8 mile)
  • Hydration – Drink water of course
  • Shoes – It’s a multi-billion dollar industry with lots of science and technical stuff.  Some shoes are better for your feet than others when running.  Do some research.
  • Find your motivation – What’s your why?, personal challenge, imaginary opponent, try to keep up with someone, run with friends, improved sport performance, burns 110 calories, feel better, look better.
  • Mental Toughness –practice and get good at this skill. Overcome the limiting voice in your head takes practice.  The more you win and stop giving in, the better off you will be in life.  Many top runners say it is more about mental toughness than physical toughness.  
  • Increase Stride- Foot plant technique, higher knees, forward lean, arm motion and speed – feed your face moving from pocket to mouth.